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Embarrassed By Stretch Marks? Microneedling Could Be The Answer

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If you have stretch marks that cause you to be embarrassed about your appearance, you should talk to a dermatologist about microneedling. This procedure causes new skin growth and collagen production so it can reduce scars, eliminate wrinkles, and even diminish stretch marks. Here's how the treatment works. 

How Microneedling Is Done

Microneedling is done in your dermatologist's office using a device that has tiny needles on the end of it. The dermatologist passes the device over the surface of your skin where you have stretch marks. The needles puncture your skin to create tiny areas of damage that your body works to renew with fresh skin. Several passes may be made during a single treatment which results in multiple needle punctures. Your skin is numbed first, so you don't have to worry about pain and discomfort. You'll probably need several treatments spaced a few weeks apart to get rid of your stretch marks, but you should notice improvement in the way they look after just one treatment.

Why Microneedling Helps With Stretch Marks

When the needles puncture your skin, they break up old scar tissue that's in your stretch marks. The needle damage also stimulates your body to increase the production of collagen in the area being treated. New collagen along with the growth of new skin cells is what creates the new surface of your skin. In addition, your dermatologist will also apply skin repairing ointment or cream to the area that might contain hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. The microneedling treatment allows these substances to be absorbed more readily so they get better results at repairing skin damaged by stretch marks.

What To Expect After The Treatment

Your skin may be inflamed and red right after the treatment. It will be sensitive so you should protect it from the sun. The swelling should diminish in several hours, but the redness may last for a day or two. The length of your recovery time depends on how deep the needles were inserted and the location of your stretch marks. However, you should be back to your usual activities within a few days. It takes your skin time to rejuvenate, so you might not notice a big difference in the appearance of your stretch marks right away. Instead, the improvements may come on gradually in the weeks after your treatment. Your skin is allowed time to recover and rejuvenate before an additional treatment is given.

While stretch marks aren't a medical problem, they can be embarrassing when they show on your arms, legs, or stomach. They are a common consequence of weight loss and pregnancy, but you don't have to keep them covered when you can have them removed or diminished with microneedling. Contact facilities like the Azalea Skin Treatment Center for more information.